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The Brigantine is more than just home to some of San Diego’s finest seafood.

It’s a place where locals and visitors alike come to share a lively atmosphere and authentic sense of community.

Timeless Tradition

Since The Morton family opened the first restaurant on Shelter Island in 1969, The Brigantine has brought together our passion for quality seafood, family values, and seasoned restaurant experience. Every time you eat with us, you’re tasting years of hard work, innovation, and commitment to good food.

A Taste of San Diego

Today, we’re known far and wide for our upscale San Diego-style surf and turf. From our award-winning fish tacos to our best-selling marinated grilled swordfish, we are always prepared to serve up delicious meals with a smile. You can always count on The Brig as the perfect place to bring your out-of-town friends, celebrate big or everyday moments, and get a taste of classic SD dishes.

All in the Family

We built our restaurants on the core philosophy that everyone should feel like a part of the family from the second they walk in the door until long after they’ve left. To us, family means friendly service, a welcoming smile, and always feeling like you’re at home in our house. So come by often, and share our taste for life at the Brigantine.